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Where The Monsters Are by Gerald Dean Rice Will Get in Your Head



Where the Monsters Are by Gerald Dean Rice has an apt subtitle of “Your Nightmares All Grown Up.” It is a fast-paced, deeply psychological story about a man who is sucked into the depths of madness… Or is it?

Being honest with ourselves, how many of us have had strange encounters, bouts of paranoia, and seen things that make us question our reality? I’d wager most of us have, whether or not we choose to discuss these experiences.

Within Where the Monsters Are aren’t the nightmares of childhood, when imagination turns the mundane into night terror fodder. These are the monsters that lurk in the adult psyche, at the age when we feel we should trust ourselves, but all the signs point to another conclusion. Where do we turn when we can’t trust our own eyes?

People affected by schizoaffective disorder experience strange thoughts and perceptions along with paranoid thoughts and ideas. This is definitely what the mind of our main character, Gerald Parsons, seems to be filled with. A victim of schizoaffective disorder experiences delusions, hallucinations, a manic mood as well as thoughts of homicide and suicide. People who are affected by this disorder also have problems with attention and memory and display behavior at the extreme ends of the normal spectrum.  – Keith Milstead

I don’t normally like to borrow bits from other reviewers, but I think Keith Milstead on Amazon nailed this here. Where the Monsters Are by Gerald Dean Rice definitely has a schizoaffective/schizophrenic feel to it. What we still don’t know is what if those of us affected by ‘mental illness’ such as schizophrenia aren’t actually the crazy ones? What if the rest of us are just blind to what’s really lurking about in the shadows, and even in the light?

If you woke up tomorrow and no longer felt you could trust your senses- any of them- or yourself… What would you do? When your monsters are terrorizing every aspect of your life, inside and out, even your coworkers… Could you trust that it’s really all in your head?

Where are the monsters, really?

Let Gerald Dean Rice, master of pacing, whirl you into his world of madness in Where the Monsters Are for only 99 cents on Amazon. It won’t disappoint.

You can buy your copy here. (And please read the disclosure below.)


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Check back soon for an interview of the mind behind this terrific insanity, Gerald Dean Rice, who you might just find will quickly become a new favorite.



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