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Jimmy Pudge on Cheating, Ass-Cracks, Fetishes, and Hygiene

My Dear Constance Readers:

Thank y’all for tuning into my first ever advice column blog. It has always been my dream to be a self-help guru, up amongst those flaming stars in the sky, in the company of my mentors Richard Simmons and Tony Robbins. I, however, am not sweating to the oldies nor walking on fire my constance readers. Hell naw, I am doing something entirely different. Instead of selling…

Portrait of the Psychopath as A Young Woman Edward Lee and Elizabeth Steffen

Portrait of the Psychopath As A Young Woman is Intelligent Splatter


Slice Chris Bennett





Portrait of the Psychopath as a Young Woman is a collaborative work between Edward Lee and Elizabeth Steffen that explores the meshing of normal, well-meaning folks and the utter depravity that lies beneath the surface of humanity, spreading like infection through the lives of all it touches.


Even the book is…

Plebs Jim Goforth

Plebs by Jim Goforth Could Be a Laymon Novel


The Hand That Feeds Michael W. Garza





Richard Laymon is one of my favorite writers and a huge Influence on my writing. What does this have to do with Plebs, you ask? Quite a bit. When Laymon passed it left a huge gaping hole that typical splatterpunk just couldn’t fill. A lot of…

My Lovely Wife Dani Brown

My Lovely Wife is Strictly Torture Porn







This was probably the hardest review I’ve had to write and it’s not because of the book’s subject matter. I just wasn’t sure how to approach it, but the longer and harder I thought about it the more I realized that I was just avoiding it and I never avoid anything. So…

Ask Jimmy Square

Ask Jimmy Motherfuckn’ Pudge — The New Brutal Books Advice Column

You might know Jimmy Pudge from his many books like When Doves Cry or from his interview here at Brutal Books. You may also know him for his infamous life advice which he has so thoughtfully given us the opportunity to share with you here at Brutal Books.


Welcome the new Ask Jimmy Motherfuckn’…

Randy Eberle Author

Randy Eberle On Writing–Author Interview

The first thing I published, both in print and Kindle, was a short story titled “Where Dying Flowers Lie”. Included with this was the first chapter to Gemini. My main reason for this publication was as a vehicle to promote the novel and I have since pulled it out of print. You can still find it on Amazon (if you want to pay a shitload of money for…

Author Jimmy Pudge

Interview With Jimmy Mother F*$#ing Pudge

Jimmy Pudge is the author of Bad Billy, The Dick, Corn Bred, The Booty Goblin, Kitty’s Revenge, Yo A$$ is Gra$$: Tales from a Rednek Gangsta, Ice Cream Man, Run, Teddy Bear, Run, Bar Napkins and Bathroom Stalls, From My Cracked Out Heart, When Doves Cry, and Bit** Gone Crazy in the Attic. He can also be found on Facebook…

Gemini Randy Eberle

Gemini by Randy Eberle — Special Pre-Release Review

BrutalityFourKnivesThe Hand That Feeds Michael W. Garza

Gemini by Randy Eberle is a morbid tale, filled with atrocities sure to stir your heart. Not your average hack-and-slash’em gorefest by any means, but a gut-wrenching tale of a woman, tainted with hope and memories of her horrific, tragic past.


There’s not a lot I can…

The Last Infection Michael Garza

The Last Infection by Michael Garza

BrutalityFourKnivesThe Hand That Feeds Michael W. Garza


Michael Garza brought a human aspect to the zombie genre with The Hand That Feeds and it instantly became one of my favorite novels, and now we have the follow up entitled The Last Infection.  …

When Doves Cry by Jimmy Pudge

When Doves Cry by Jimmy Pudge

Michael Garza The Hand That FeedsThe Hand That Feeds Michael W. Garza

When I first heard that Jimmy Pudge had a book coming out through Jordan Krall’s Dynatox Ministries I was instantly interested because not only am I huge fan of Dynatox but also of the man, the myth, and the legend, Jimmy…

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