Update Time! Good News for Brutal Books

I know a few of you have been wondering why things have been so slow around these parts for the past little bit…


Well, I’ve got good news.


Brutal Books is currently expanding, and I think you guys are going to like what’s coming. So please bear with me until then, I’ll update you all again soon. Some things you can look forward to:


WAY more reviews…. all the great indie splatterpunk we’ve…

Devil's Day by Kyle M. Scott

Devil’s Day by Kyle M. Scott — Splatterpunk With a Classic Vibe


The Hand That Feeds Michael W. Garza





This has been a banner year for splatterpunk. I have been fortunate enough to read quite a few horror novels that are reminders of just how great splatterpunk truly is. This is why I got into splatterpunk in the first place. The gore, the violence and…

Ask Jimmy Square

Jimmy Pudge on Monogamous Hookers, Pot, and Lying About Your Looks

SLEEPLESS IN MINNESOTA: DEAR JIMMY, my girlfriend never pays for anything, don’t you know. We go to the movies, and guess what? I pay! If we go to a restaurant or anywhere else I am always stuck footing the bill. What should I do? I really love her and I’m afraid if I bring it up she might leave me. I’m so gosh darn tired of this!

JIMMY: Dear Sleepless, HAW…

Fifty Shades of Deadly Jimmy Pudge

Fifty Shades of Deadly by Jimmy Motherfuckin’ Pudge OUT NOW

Do you need more Jimmy?


That’s rhetorical–of course you do.


And that’s a damn good thing because as of today, Jimmy Pudge has a brand new book  out… Fifty Shades of Deadly.


Get your filthy fix, horror fiend, in the way that only Jimmy can provide.


Grab your copy here from Amazon for only 99 cents.

“When Human Resource Field Agent Barbara Stone is asked to investigate a sexual harassment case in Little Hope,…

All Or Nothing Stuart Keene

All Or Nothing by Stuart Keane Will Drag You by the Throat

Michael Garza The Hand That Feeds

The Hand That Feeds Michael W. Garza





What’s interesting about All Or Nothing is just how dark and disturbing it can be. What makes it so disturbing is that we are all voyeurs in a sense and I don’t mean the creepy stalker kind that peeks in your…

Jackpot by McKenzie, Bernstein, Cesare, and Rufty Splatterpunk

Jackpot by McKenzie, Bernstein, Cesare, and Rufty — Everything Splatterpunk Should Be

BrutalityFiveKnivesThe Hand That Feeds Michael W. Garza





Jackpot, out soon from Sinister Grin Press, has everything good splatter deserves. It helps that some of the best authors in the biz–Shane McKenzie, Adam Cesare, David Bernstein, and Kristopher Rufty–wrote this brutal baby together. It’s not an anthology in the traditional sense, where…

Lifeline Kit Power

GIVEAWAY of Lifeline by Kit Power

Enter to win a free e-copy of Lifeline by Kit Power. We gave it five stars and also the author is clearly awesome as is shown in this interview.

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Kit Power Lifeline Author

Kit Power — Rockstar Author of Lifeline Talks Metal, Psychopaths, and WIPS

What all have you written?

Since starting writing seriously 3 years ago, I’ve had a  few publications: The Loving Husband and the Faithful Wife (plus short story The Debt) came out in January with Black Beacon Books (a novella + short) Cold Shock (short horror) in an anthology for Burnt Offering Books, Time Out Of Mind (sci-fi flash) also with BOB, When The Pin Hits The Shell (short Western)…

Ask Jimmy Square

Jimmy Pudge on Stalking, Deception, and Bad Book Reviews

MAN IN LOVE: Dear Jimmy, I was working with a girl at the gas station and training her to be a good employee. Something happened to me. I started getting really strong feelings for her so I asked her if we could go to eat something one night and talk a little bit. We went to Wendy’s and I ordered a double cheeseburger combo and she had a home style…

Heroin In the Magic Now by Terry M. West

Heroin in the Magic Now – Terry M. West

Michael Garza The Hand That FeedsSlice Chris Bennett





Heroin in the Magic Now is not an easy book to review. It’s dark and edgy but also engrossing. West has created a world in which Monsters exist among their human contemporaries. The magic has been unleashed and at the center of this is Gary…

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