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As some of you may have noticed, I’ve already removed a bunch of articles. This is one of my final steps before launch of the new site. 😀

Thank you all so much for your patience.

When it’s up, I’ll update this post.


It’s live! Please send any suggestions to

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Update Time! Good News for Brutal Books

I know a few of you have been wondering why things have been so slow around these parts for the past little bit…


Well, I’ve got good news.


Brutal Books is currently expanding, and I think you guys are going to like what’s coming. So please bear with me until then, I’ll update you all again soon. Some things you can look forward to:


WAY more reviews…. all the great indie splatterpunk we’ve…

All Or Nothing Stuart Keene

All Or Nothing by Stuart Keane Will Drag You by the Throat

Michael Garza The Hand That Feeds

The Hand That Feeds Michael W. Garza





What’s interesting about All Or Nothing is just how dark and disturbing it can be. What makes it so disturbing is that we are all voyeurs in a sense and I don’t mean the creepy stalker kind that peeks in your…

Lifeline Kit Power

GIVEAWAY of Lifeline by Kit Power

Enter to win a free e-copy of Lifeline by Kit Power. We gave it five stars and also the author is clearly awesome as is shown in this interview.

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Plebs Jim Goforth

Plebs by Jim Goforth Could Be a Laymon Novel


The Hand That Feeds Michael W. Garza





Richard Laymon is one of my favorite writers and a huge Influence on my writing. What does this have to do with Plebs, you ask? Quite a bit. When Laymon passed it left a huge gaping hole that typical splatterpunk just couldn’t fill. A lot of…

Ask Jimmy Square

Ask Jimmy Motherfuckn’ Pudge — The New Brutal Books Advice Column

You might know Jimmy Pudge from his many books like When Doves Cry or from his interview here at Brutal Books. You may also know him for his infamous life advice which he has so thoughtfully given us the opportunity to share with you here at Brutal Books.


Welcome the new Ask Jimmy Motherfuckn’…

The Summer I Died by Ryan C. Thomas

GIVEAWAY! The Summer I Died by Ryan C. Thomas

Want a free copy of The Summer I Died by Ryan C. Thomas, one of the highest rated books on Brutal Books, just in time to read it before the movie release?


If you’ve been around Brutal Books lately, you know I am loving Ryan C. Thomas’s work. You can check out the review of The Summer I…

Where The Monsters Are Giveaway Gerald Dean Rice

GIVEAWAY! Where the Monsters Are by Gerald Dean Rice

Win a FREE copy of Where the Monsters Are by Gerald Dean Rice by entering in the super simple Rafflecopter giveaway below! Just follow the instructions!

Wanna check out my review of the book? Click here! 

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